Lime and tequila flavored cupcake with lime and tequila buttercream. 


Delicious vanilla cupcake filled with grape jelly, topped with creamy peanut butter icing  and a dollop of jelly

Cookies N Cream:

Moist vanilla cupcake baked with chocolate cookie pieces, topped with cookies n cream icing and a mini chocolate cookie


Vanilla cupcake baked with M&M's, topped with vanilla or chocolate icing  and M&Ms

Peanut Butter Cup:

Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter filling, topped with peanut butter icing, drizzled chocolate and a mini peanut butter cup

Ice Cream Sundae:  Our moist chocolate cupcake filled with your choice of vanilla bean buttercream or chocolate ganache and topped with vanilla bean icing, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles and a maraschino cherry

Pina Colada: Tasty and moist pineapple cupcake topped with coconut rum buttercream, toasted coconut and a dried pineapple

​​Key Lime:Moist Key Lime cupcake baked with fresh key lime juice and zest. Topped with key lime buttercream and a lime slice**

Vanilla Peppermint:

Vanilla Peppermint flavored cupcake topped with vanilla peppermint frosting and chewy peppermint candies.

One Dozen: $30.00

2 flavors per dozen

Additional charges may  apply for alterations

**These items require 24 hours notice

Delivery charges will apply for deliveries over 3 miles

Candy Bar: Turn your favorite candy bar into a cupcake! Just tell us your favorite candy and we will make it a cupcake!

Sweet D's Specialty Cupcakes

Coffee and Donuts: Chocolate and Espresso cupcake with espresso buttercream and topped with a mini chocolate donut

Nutella:Our signature chocolate cupcake topped with a Nutella buttercream and a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Lemon Raspberry:

Lemon cupcake with jewel like raspberry filling topped with Raspberry buttercream and a fresh raspberry.

Valentines Day:

Your choice of Red Velvet, Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate cupcake with Vanilla, Strawberry or Raspberry Icing decorated with a red chocolate heart or conversation hearts. 


Super moist pumpkin cupcake topped with a cinnamon buttercream and a candy corn pumpkin.


Vanilla and orange cupcake baked with fresh orange juice and zest topped with a fresh vanilla/orange buttercream, straw for decoration and a candy orange slice.

Reese's Pieces:

Chocolate cupcake baked with Reese's pieces, topped with peanut butter icing  and Reese's Pieces

French Toast: ​A delicious cinnamon cupcake topped with maple buttercream and a cinnamon cereal on top

German Chocolate:

German Chocolate cupcake topped with coconut pecan topping and drizzled chocolate ganache. 

Cotton Candy:

Cotton Candy flavored cupcakewith bits of cotton candy baked in and topped with a Cotton Candy buttercream and a piece of cotton candy.

White Choc Rasp:

White Chocolate Cupcake filled with seedless raspberry filling, topped with fresh raspberry buttercream and white chocolate chips.**

Sweet D's Cupcakes

Apple Pie:

Apple Cupcake filled with sweet and delicious apple pie filling, topped with brown sugar buttercream and a baked apple piece**

Chocolate Lovers:

Chocolate cupcake filled with gooey chocolate ganache, topped with our delicious chocolate fudge icing  and chocolate chips

Salted Caramel:

Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake filled with our own homemade salted caramel sauce topped with salted caramel buttercream and drizzles of the caramel sauce and fleur de sel

Spicy Chili Chocolate:

Chili chocolate cupcake with cinnamon chili buttercream and a chili chocolate piece on top. 

Banana Peanut Butter:

Banana cupcake with Peanut Butter buttercream and topped with a dried banana slice.

Choc Chip Cookie Dough:

Vanilla cupcake with a semi baked chocolate chip cookie inside topped with an egg less cookie dough frosting and chocolate chips.

Dirt Cup:

Chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate buttercream and crushed cookies pieces and a gummy worm. 

Chocolate Egg Nog:

Chocolate cupcake baked with Egg Nog and Dark Rum topped with  Egg Nog Rum buttercream and a dusting of nutmeg.

Mix and Match:

Pick a Cupcake Flavor               Pick an Icing Flavor

Vanilla            Chocolate          Strawberry*                                    Vanilla           Chocolate       Strawberry*  

Confetti           Orange               Cherry                                            Confetti         Orange            Peanut Butter

Lemon            Pineapple          Watermelon                                   Coconut         Espresso          Watermelon    

Raspberry*     Blueberry*        Red Velvet                                      Raspberry*    Lemon            Mint

Carrot*            Coconut            Tie Dye                                            Cinnamon     Caramel         Brown Sugar


                                                                               One Dozen: $25.00 

2 flavors per dozen

Additional charges will  apply for fillings and custom decorations.

* These items require 24 hours notice